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High Strength Anchoring Adhesive

AT-HP  DT825 Tool  MN1 Nozzle 


AT-HP is 2 component styrene free methacrylate resin suitable for high performance fixing applications of threaded rod and rebar into concrete. Easy to dispense and fast curing. Specially designed for structural fixings.


  • Rebar 
  • Threaded rod anchoring 
  • Structural steel 
  • Balconies 
  • Facade 


  • ETA for threaded rod (Option 8)  
  • ETA for rebar  
  • CTSB (France) Fire Test Report Pending Due April, 2012  

ETA for rebar


  • Concrete  
  • Grout-filled concrete block  
  • Hollow concrete block  
  • Solid brick and hollow bricks  


  • Fast curing  
  • Low odor  
  • Non-flammable 

Shelf Life:

24 months from date of manufacture in unopened cartridge
Storage Conditions:

For best results store between 7°C - 32°C. To store partially used cartridges, leave hardened nozzle in place. To re-use, attach new nozzle.


Resin – white, hardener – black. When properly mixed, AT-HP adhesive will be a uniform medium gray

Curing Schedule:

Let anchor fully cure without disturbing.

Curing Schedule

Method of Cleaning Holes:

Method of Cleaning Holes

Clean Up:

Observe these safety precautions (Contains dibenzoyl peroxide): R52/53 Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment (A). R43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact (B). R7 May cause fi re (B). S3/14 Keep in a cool place away from-combustible or reducing materials-acids-oxidation catalysts (B). S36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection (B). S7 Keep container tightly closed (B).

AT-HPTM Cartridge Systems:

AT-HPTM Cartridge Systems

*Includes 2 mixing nozzles per cartridge.

Technical Data for Threaded Rod

Technical Data for Threaded Rod

Technical Data for Threaded Rod


Technical Data for Rebar

Technical Data for Rebar

Technical Data for Rebar

Design Values for Anchoring Rebar (fyk = 500 N/mm2; C20/25; fbd = 2.3 N/mm2)

Design Values for overlapping joint

Design Values for overlapping joint 


Adhesive Anchoring Installation Instructions

Hole Preparation 

Cartridge Preparation

Filling the Hole

Filling the hole

Filling the Hole

Note Note: Always check expiration date on product label. Do not use expired product.

Note Warning: When drilling and cleaning hole use eye and lung protection. When installing adhesive use eye and skin protection.

Product Listing

Product List - AT-HP Adhesive

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