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 3M™ Fire Stop (US)


3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices 

3M Fire Barrier Pass-through Devices (Re-enterable cable protection)

3M™ Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices are your solution for a wide variety of through-penetration firestop assemblies.

3M™ Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices are designed for easy installation and re-enterability, helping to reduce construction costs and meet code requirements. From cables to pipes and more, 3M™ Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices offer you a hassle-free firestop method to help you protect your building and the precious lives and resources within it.

Flexible firestop solutions for a wide variety of system requirements.

Finally, a device for firestopping structures where electrical, data and
communication cables or plumbing pipes pass through fire-rated
floors and walls. 3M™ Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices install in
a few simple steps and help keep penetrants organized. Plus, device
re-enterability provides flexibility for future additions.
3M™ Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices meet the ASTM E 814 (UL 1479)
Fire Test Standard and are fire-rated for up to 4 hours (dependent upon
system application). 3M™ Fire Barrier Pass-Through Devices use a fixed
intumescent material (expands with heat) which works in conjunction
with a foam plug and optional mounting brackets. In the event of a fire,
intumescent material expands to seal the inside of the device, helping to
prevent the spread of smoke and fire into other compartments.

  • Openings for round devices can easily be created with a standard hole saw 
  • UL classified 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour fire (F) rating 
  • UL classified L rating, Hot and Cold Smoke Seal with moldable putty installed at both ends of device 
  • Stackable for penetrant versatility 
  • Can be used from 0% to 100% cable fill 
  • Hinged for easy retrofit installation 
  • Guide ramps inside devices help prevent cables or pipes from getting snagged during installation 

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