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Duster Expert SDS-max/plus (Extraction Drill Bit)   
 Heller Hammer Drill Bit (Made in Germany)

Duster Expert SDS max2

Diameters: 14mm - 40mm (Total Length: 600mm)

Duster Expert SDS plus2

Diameters: 6mm - 24mm (Total Length: 220-370mm)


Duster Expert SDS max plus3

The innovative 2-in-1 drill bit: enhances dust-free drilling.
  • The Duster Expert combines drilling and dust extraction in a single step for all concrete work    
  • Removes 98% of drilling dust where it originates at the drill tip    
  • Rugged design of the drill and shaft for a long service life    
  • Highest productivity on setting chemical anchors as there is no need to clean the drilled hole    
  • Fast thanks to extra large openings at the tip and reduced drilling resistance as drilling dust is routed internally    
  • Saves annoying cleaning of the surroundings    
  • Perfect for use in interior applications    

 Duster Expert SDS max plus


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Duster Expert SDS plus PL


Duster Expert SDS max PL


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