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Epoxy-Tie Anchoring Adhesive


ET22  EMN22i  EDT22S  ET & SET-XP Tested

ET Epoxy-Tie® is a two-component, 100% solids Epoxy-Based System for use a high strength, non-shrink anchor grouting material.


  • Threaded rod anchoring  
  • Rebar doweling  
  • Bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete  
  • Pick-proof sealant around doors, windows and fixtures  
  • Paste-over for crack injection  


ICC-ES ER-4945 (URM); City of L.A. RR25185, RR25120; Florida FL 11506.2; Multiple DOT Listings.  The load tables list values based upon results from the most recent testing and may not reflect those in current code reports. Where code jurisdictions apply, consult the current reports for applicable load values. AC308 ICC Pending Submitted 12/11.


  • Concrete 
  • Grout-filled concrete block 
  • hollow concrete block 
  • solid brick and hollow bricks 

ET Epoxy-Tie - Application Example


  • Economical and safe 
  • Versatile: for use in concrete, brick and concrete block 
  • Suitable for damp, suitable for clean water-filled holes with a reduction factor of 0.60 applied to both tension and shear 
  • Non-sag formulation: ideal for vertical and most overhead applications 
  • Non-shrink 

ET Cartridge System:

ET Cartridge System

Tested Properties:

Tested Properties 

Cure Schedule:

Cure Schedule 

Shelf Life:

24 months from date of manufacture in unopened container.

Storage Conditions:

For best results store between 7°C - 32°C. To store partially used cartridges, leave hardened nozzle in place. To re-use, attach new nozzle.


Resin – white, hardener – black. When properly mixed, ET adhesive will be a uniform medium gray color.

Clean Up:

Very good to excellent against distilled water, inorganic acids and alkalis. Fair to good against organic acids and alkalis, and many organic solvents. Poor against ketones. For more detailed information visit our website or contact Simpson Strong-Tie.


Simpson Epoxy-Tie ET22 with Rebar

Simpson Epoxy-Tie ET22 with Rebar8

Simpson Epoxy-Tie ET22 with Rebar9

Volume Usage with Rebar

Volume Usage with Rebar

Volume Usage with Rebar

ET - Load Capacity for all Thread Studs

All data on this section based on following conditions

  • Steel grade 5.8 / ASTM A307 
  • No influence from anchor spacing and distance to concrete edge 
  • Properly setting is required 

ET - Load Capacity for all Thread Studs


Tension_Recommended Tensile Resistance for Single Anchor


Tension_Infl uence of Spacing - Tension

Tension_Infl uence of Spacing - Tension


Tension_Influence of Concrete Strength - Tension

Tension_Influence of Edge Distance - Tension

Tension_Infl uence of Edge Distance - Tension


Tension_Recommended Tensile Resistance for Single Anchor



Recommended Shear Resistance for Single Anchor


Influence of Spacing - Shear


Influence of Concrete Strength - Shear 


 Influence of Edge Distance

Influence of Edge Distance


Shear_Influence of Edge Distance

Shear_Influence of Edge Distance


Shear_Recommended Shear Resistance for Steel Rod Grade 5.8


Adhesive Anchoring Installation Instructions

Hole Preparation 

Cartridge Preparation

Installation 3

Filling the hole

Filling the Hole

Note Note: Always check expiration date on product label. Do not use expired product.

Note Warning: When drilling and cleaning hole use eye and lung protection. When installing adhesive use eye and skin protection. 

Product Listing

Product List - ET Epoxy-Tie

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