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EnDuro Trijet SDS-max  
 Heller Hammer Drill Bit (Made in Germany)

 Enduro Trijet SDS-max

Diameters: 12mm - 16mm (Total Length: 340mm - 1340mm) 


EnDuro Trijet SDS max

Our best SDS-max hammer drill. Powerful, fast & durable. Take the fight to concrete and reinforcements!
  • With recessed carbide tip for extreme resilience in reinforcement steel and powerful drilling progress 
  • Maximum effectiveness and speed thanks to the stable tips plus optimised helix design 
  • Best possible drill dust transport without risk of inflagration thanks to large-volume, low-vibration triple helix, also in deep holes 
  • Lowest vibration thanks to computer-simulated helix reduces the load on the user 
  • Particularly easy positioning and avoids spalling even after drilling many holes 

Take the fight to concrete and reinforcement




EnDuro - The new multicutters

Enduro Trijet 

EnDuro SDS-max Hammer Bits

EnDuro SDS-max Hammer Bits 


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