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MIT700RE Pure Epoxy  
 Mungo Anchor (Swiss) - Chemical Products


  MIT700RE Pure Epoxy 




Building Material 




  • Automatic hole cleaning with the innovative 2in1 Hollow Drill Bit (part of the assessment) 
  • European Technical Assessment guarantees a working life of at least 100 years 
  • European Technical Assessment Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete with anchor rod and with rebar used as anchor 
  • European Technical Assessment for diamond drilled holes in non-cracked concrete 
  • European Technical Assessment for post-installed rebar connections 
  • Assessment of resistance under fire exposure F30-F120 
  • Assessment of resistance under fire exposure (Rebar) 
  • VOC free according to Swiss legislation and certified A+ according to DEVL 1101903D / DEVL 1104875A 
  • LEED - Test Report 
  • Certification for drinking water systems 
  • The anchor may also be used under seismic influence for performance category C1 + C2 
  • High Performance 
  • High loads 
  • Long working time for filling of big and deep drill holes 
  • Variable setting depth 
  • Application also in wet and water-filled drill holes 
  • Suitable for overhead fixings 
  • Colour of mortar: grey 
  • Indoor (zinc plated) and outdoor (stainless steel) applications 

post-installed rebar connections, steel constructions, profiles, closing of ceilings, repair works




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