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 Simpson Strongtie Anchoring System (Made in USA)

Ultraplus Undercut Anchor1

Ultraplus Undercut Anchor

The ULTRAPLUS undercut anchor is designed for use in applications where reliability and safety are essential, e.g. for anchoring safety relevant components in nuclear power plants, for industrial plants, conveyor systems, cranes, and also for special civil engineering solutions.

The ULTRAPLUS was developed to resist very high loads with its unique undercutting technology. After the hole is drilled, a separate undercut is drilled using the special undercutting tool. When the anchor is inserted through the fixture, spring pressure opens the expanding segments. They lock into the undercut with a clearly audible click. The result is a mechanical interlock without expansion stresses. By applying the specified torque, the fixture is fastened in position. The “positive undercut” allows perfect bearing of the segments and ensures reliable transmission of the load into the concrete. (For more details)


Superplus Undercut Anchor


Superplus Undercut Anchor

The LIEBIG SUPERPLUS“ is available in zinc plated carbon steel and A4 stainless steel. Its design offers the high load capacity and reliability of an undercut anchor, but with the ease of installation of an expansion anchor. In contrast to competing undercut anchor systems, the SUPERPLUS does not require special drill bits or setting tools. You need only apply the torque to create the self-undercut.  (For more details)

Safety Bolt


Safety Bolt

Twin-cone heavy duty bolt with cylindrical expansion for increased anchoring security. (For more details)

Liebig Anchor


Liebig Anchor

General purpose heavy duty anchor. (For more details)  



BOAX-II Expansion Anchor

Economical anchor for medium-duty loads. (For more details)

Wedge Anchor


Wedge Anchor

The wedge anchor is installed through the fixture. Torquing draws the cone end of the stud into the expansion clip. The expansion clip expands and develops a frictional grip with the sidewalls of the hole.  (For more details)  

Drop in Anchor


Drop-in Anchor

Drop-in anchors are internally threaded, deformation controlled expansion anchors with a preassembled expander plug, suitable for fl ush mount applications in solid base materials. The anchor is set by driving the expansion plug towards the bottom of the anchor using the setting tool. The Lipped Drop-In (DIAL) features a lip at the top of the anchor body that keeps the top of the anchor fl ush with the concrete. This eliminates the need for precisely drilled hole depths and allows for easier fl ush installation, consistent embedment and uniform rod lengths. (For more details)

Titen HD Screw Anchor

Titen HD Anchor

Titen® screws are ³⁄₁₆" and ¹⁄₄" diameter masonry screws for attaching all types of components to concrete and masonry. Available in hex and phillips head designs in three colors. Use with appropriately sized Titen drill bits included with each box. (For more details

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