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Y-Cutter ERGO SDS-plus1

Y-Cutter ERGO SDS-plus

 Diameters: 18mm - 30mm (Total Length: 250mm - 450mm)

SDS Plus  Trijet SDS plus

Three unique cutting edges in one tool!

Unique, Patented Head Profile
Even greater cutting performance and quieter running
Fewer friction losses and high cutting performance by asymmetrical 3D Y-shaped cutting profile.
38% more debris removal

Twinmax spiral
The computer-calculated spiral profile guarentees optimised transfer of the impact energy
Lowered wall friction. Clearly longer service life and minimized cut wear
Reduces stress on joints and muscles

HST-hardened surface
For increased resistance to breakage during hammer drill operation and greater´durability on impact with reinforcement

Y-Cutter ERGO SDS-plus

 Head Profile


Cutting Profile

Unique, patented head profile

Twinmax spiral

3D Y-shaped cutting profile

Carbide Y-Cutter

Performance min/mm ∅ 30mm


Less Vibration

Less Vibration 

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