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m1 powerGrip Throughbolt, ETA Option 1 
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 m1 powerGrip


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Building Material   




  • The powerGrip Throughbolt for highest performance in cracked concrete   
  • European Technical Assessment Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete   
  • Resistance under fire exposure F120 is part of the assessment   
  • The anchor may also be used under seismic influence for performance category C1   
  • GreenTec® corrosion protection - Extra long lasting   
  • Advanced corrosion resistance ≥ 750 hours in salt spray test   
  • High-quality and stainless steel appearance   
  • Reduced setting depths for a faster installation   
  • Innovative clip design; higher loads and best expansion   
  • Additional slide coating "T5" ensures an uniform expansion in cracked concrete   
  • With a big DIN 9021 washer for fixings with slotted holes and for wooden structures   
  • Setting depth mark for correct installation   
  • Small edge and spacing distances   
  • Simple setting process due to low resistance to impacts   
  • Fast achievement of installation torque   
  • Pre installation or through fixing   
  • Indoor applications and unweathered outdoor applications   

steel constructions, profiles, machines, substructures, high-racks, cable
trays, railings, guard rails


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Technical Data

Technical Data 







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m1 powerGrip Throughbolt with washer DIN 125A  

m1 powerGrip 

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m1-C powerGrip Throughbolt with big washer DIN 9021 

m1-C powerGrip

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m1-C Product Listing


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